The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is changing manufacturing and the way we make products. As a key 4IR technology, Augmented Reality (AR) has recently been defined by Gartner as a mature technology, moving beyond the hype cycle, and companies are starting to use it effectively in production environments. 

AR refers to technology that overlays information and virtual (digital) objects on live video in real-time.  As opposed to VR which requires a dedicated headset to be fully immersive, AR applications can be easily installed on ubiquitous devices such as tablets or smart phones. This is helping to propagate its use.



  • Everyone can be a quality inspector

  • FLAGS AR - get a 3D product image with complete digital history and product traceability

  • Implement Augmented Intelligence by combining AR & relevant information via FLAGS



With AR, users can see real-time information superimposed on the real world. This visual impact is a natural fit in a quality function where inspection is an essential activity. 

We believe that AR has the potential to greatly improve quality and inspection processes. The key is in identifying the correct application of the technology and not simply using it for the sake of it. At FLAGS we’re looking at how AR can add to quality and inspection activities, not replace, but complement current methods with added capabilities and insights. The end-use could be that anyone with the FLAGS App can use it to track quality and see a full digital history of the product.  Everyone can be a quality inspector.

We’re constantly looking into new technologies to improve FLAGS but using AR because the imagery is impressive won’t provide the value required in industry. However, with FLAGS we can also integrate with other business and operational information systems and this will be the key to a successful AR application. Integration with an ERP system to identify a product variant and then attach visual quality issues to this using AR brings us towards Augmented Intelligence – the use of AR combined other relevant information to add value to the quality system in place. We see this as the future of AR in industry.



FLAGS is an industry leading quality and inspection software and with technology such as AR we continue to look at improving our capabilities. FLAGS provides the benefit that we can integrate with other information systems to provide value beyond simple AR representations and we see this as being the key to providing value in an industrial environment.