AR, VR & MR in Manufacturing

True interaction with 3D models integrated into the physical world. As an augmented reality HMD, users can see 3D objects, dynamic content, and live data superimposed on the world around them.

By Raj Kaul / July 15, 2019 - [ 3 Min Read ]
Virtual Reality in Industry and Collaboration

Before we begin it is important to understand the differences between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality and what they have to offer to end user. In simple terms, Mixed Reality is Immersive Augmented Reality.

What’s in it for you?

Outcomes realized by manufacturers in implementing the outlined approaches have included increased efficiency, reduced costs and a more integrated manufacturing process:

In physics, there are laws you can't bend. But in software, you can bend anything. So nothing is impossible.

Alex Kipman

The obvious potential for AR within industry, and all the supporting systems which service that arena are huge and certainly not limited to the few examples mentioned in this article. As long as industry envisions a rapid return on the investment of AR technology, and there certainly seems to be many advantages if it performs correctly, the future certainly appears bright. With companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook exploring AR and businesses investing in R&D software solutions.

  • 01.

    Integrating Design and Manufacturing

  • 02.

    Training Manufacturing Workers

  • 03.

    Complex Assembly

  • 04.

    Servicing and Maintenance of Equipment

  • 05.

    Complex Sales

  • 06.

    Executive Oversight & Data Visualisation

  • 07.

    AR increasingly finding its way into vehicles

The success of VR/AR implementation is not just achieved through latest gadgets and technology alone, but needs expertise to choose the correct use cases and a lot of imagination to design the experience.

The future of these technologies remains wide open and companies from different sectors including AR and VR apps in their business operations to improve their sales, service, and support.

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