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We help our customers manufacture the world’s best products. See how the new FLAGS v10 can deliver immediate benefits for you.


Last year FLAGS ensured that something extraordinary was produced every 52 seconds. FLAGS Software drives quality for the most demanding of manufacturers. For 30 years we’ve provided Control, Traceability and Visibility in sectors where quality is a necessity.

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Introducing FLAGS v10

Immediate Quality Improvement & Cost Savings

We understand how to improve & integrate quality. Used by some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers to optimise plant performance and ensure product quality, FLAGS is a complete quality and performance solution for manufacturers. Connect business and operational systems with production and provide Control, Quality and Intelligence for your business.

FLAGS Software - Shared Performance Visibility

We help our customers manufacture the world's best products

FLAGS Software - Digital Manufacturing & Quality

FLAGS Software puts digital quality at the heart of the Smart Factory of the Future

With FLAGS Software you can identify production issues in detail or by location in 2D and 3D

What if you had no rework?

Implement & ensure standards wherever you are

FLAGS Software - Perfection & Traceability

Ensure that you deliver a product that delights your customer

FLAGS Software - Applied Augmented Reality

Using the latest in Augmented Reality technology to aid manufacture


Blog post

We're flying the flag for manufacturing in the Midlands!nnFLAGS Software are extremely proud to say that we've been shortlisted for a Made in the Midlands Award for Digital Engineering & Technology.

Blog post

At FLAGS Software we work hard to keep up-to-date with leading edge technologies with the aim of introducing new capabilities in FLAGS to maintain our position as the leading Quality Management solution for Manufacturing. As part of this continuous development, our very own Adrian McAteer recently attended the Microsoft Ignite the Tour event at ExCel London...

Blog post

FLAGS Software is a member of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The SMMT is one of the largest and most influential trade associations in the UK and represents more than 800 organisations. At FLAGS we have customers such as Bentley, JLR and Aston Martin, and...

Blog post

On a topic thats slightly different to our normal posts, we came across The National Museum of Computing who had a stand recently at the annual Tech Connect conference & exhibition. Initially it was the display of old PCs that caught our eye and its amazing to see how much technology has moved progressed. The fact...

Blog post

FLAGS recently attended the Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool. Organised by The Manufacturer magazine its one of the best events in the UK to see leading edge technologies and discuss industry trends with experts. Its certainly an event...

Blog post

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is changing manufacturing and the way we make products. As a key 4IR technology, Augmented Reality (AR) has recently been defined by Gartner as a mature technology, moving beyond the hype cycle, and companies are starting to use it effectively in production environments.  AR refers to...

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