Delivering pioneering advanced software solutions to the manufacturing sector

FLAGS Software enhances the manufacturing process to generate continuous improvement.

Start improving your production

Offsite and Modular Construction

  • In the modular construction and building sector, FLAGS Software supports clients to significantly increase production
  • Ensures every part is properly produced and inspected to the highest levels of safety and quality. This helps to produce modules that are delivered on-site, that are right first time without quality issues, resulting in lower costs for rework
  • Create unique or bespoke modular builds to exacting standards of safety, quality and specification, with FLAGS Software track and control process at every stage of production

Industrial Machinery

  • For production line or in-cell Manufacturing, FLAGS Software can provide a complete track and control process including work instruction, checklists, visual inspection and reporting
  • Bringing traditional Manufacturing methods and machinery into the future with our Smart Manufacturing approach; FLAGS Software makes it possible to achieve more potential in production
  • Complete traceability of product and all parts means senior management get a high-level of visibility of Manufacturing performance and product quality in real-time

Caravans and Camper Vans

  • Developing capabilities for Manufacturing high-end holiday homes and recreation vehicles, ensuring these are produced to demanding specifications every time
  • With the ability to work on multiple areas of a product at any one time, FLAGS Software provides total visibility throughout production, eliminating errors and improving efficiencies
  • Delivering high-quality production results on all parts, as well as traceability to reduce warranty recalls

Take your first step to heightened quality, control and traceability today.

FLAGS Software is here to help enhance your production and Manufacturing processes to achieve a new level of excellence. Our team of experts have decades of experience helping Manufacturers unlock their potential and are waiting to help you do the same.

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