Providing traceability and visibility to leading rolling stock and locomotive manufacturers since 2005, through Quality Management & Inspection software solutions.

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Revolutionising quality control for rail

FLAGS Software is designed to manage quality control in manufacturing and maintenance for manufacturers, straight through to global organisations with service centres countrywide. Our smart quality management software provides rail manufacturers with a digital thread that connects every part of the production process, and this detailed audit trail is essential when working on safety critical rail projects.

Our digital checklists, smart interactive dashboard and reporting software logs and processes the wealth of data that’s synonymous with rail manufacturing, giving organisations a complete digital history of the vehicle. 

A complete digital history for rail

Rail manufacturing takes time and comes with an abundance of invaluable insight and data. When this information isn’t collated and processed, you don’t have the visibility into the problems that often repeatedly cause delays, impacting brand reputation, delivery schedules and in turn cash flow

This is where FLAGS Software comes in. Our smart quality management software provides complete visibility and traceability at each stage of the production line, and integrates with a variety of ERP systems to ensure an audit trail is collected throughout the entire process.

Smart quality management and maintenance at your fingertips 

Eradicate the need for paper and spreadsheet based quality management with intuitive quality management checklists and visualisations. Quality control managers undertake quality checks on a mobile tablet, and can pin-point exactly where re-work is required on the locomotive, through imagery and a proven touch user interface. 

FLAGS integrates with maintenance management systems – as soon as a defect is logged at an inbound inspection, work orders can be raised to the maintenance management system through FLAGS software.

Available offline, inspectors can log defects whilst on track or between stations, with the knowledge that this information will be updated automatically when back online.

Streamlined reporting 

FLAGS Software Reporting provides insight, analysis, and improvement for rail. Our real-time reports are easily accessible and provide a wide range of insights and  performance information, including: 

  1. The status and progress of all production
  2. The digital history for each vehicle
  3. Common problems and trends 
  4. Heat maps for problem areas
  5. Photographic evidence from inspection and rework

FLAGS Reporting enables you to interrogate data to help you understand problems in complete detail.

Take your first step towards building a quality focused smart factory today

FLAGS Software is here to help enhance your production and manufacturing processes to achieve a new level of excellence. Our team of experts have decades of experience helping railway manufacturers unlock their potential and are waiting to help you do the same. 

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