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Smart Quality In Manufacturing

Driving improvements in

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How Can Smart Quality help me improve?

FLAGS Software offers complete control, visibility and traceability across the production line, helping manufacturers make the world’s best products.

  • How can I reduce rework in manufacturing?
  • How can I reduce my production costs in manufacturing?
  • What is FLAGS?
  • How can FLAGS help me become a Smart Manufacturer?

Watch this video to find out how we can help.

Make an immediate impact with FLAGS Software


Integrate FLAGS Software seamlessly with all your existing systems.


Get immediate real-time notifications when a quality issues arises.


Quality control for every stage of production.


Generate reports on any area of production and gain data-driven insights.


Workflow optimisation and smart management processes.


Inspection precision without compromise.


Nick Elkin and his team standing outside the OX Truck
May 10, 2023

FLAGS Spotlight: How our digital twin technology is helping farmers in sub-Saharan Africa

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May 10, 2023

How Does Siloed Data Impact Quality Management?

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March 6, 2023

Demystifying Digital Transformation

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According to PwC’s Digital Transformation Survey, industrial companies are investing $1.1 trillion a year in digital transformation solutions across the…
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