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2023 has been the year of stepping up for FLAGS Software, with some exceptional client wins, internal promotions and new hires. With so many great things happening, we want to take a moment to reflect on FLAGS Software’s journey.

Over the last three decades, FLAGS has survived three recessions, and a global pandemic.  Our ability to adapt and evolve with emerging technologies and digital transformation has led to us becoming synonymous with delivering award-winning quality management software for manufacturers across the globe. 

Back when it all began

When FLAGS Software was launched in 1989, it was known as Touch Systems. Our industry-leading touchscreen software marked a fundamental change in quality control for manufacturers. 

In 1990, Jaguar Cars became our first client, and we revolutionised the quality inspection process on their production line. When our software was in its infancy, it was used in Jaguar’s paint shop to record any flaws or marks with the paintwork. 

This sped up data collection and analysis, helping the quality control team identify the root cause of these errors, which was demonstrated in a 1991 episode of Tomorrow’s World. 

A diverse portfolio of clients 

Becoming a staple in premium automotive manufacturing

Following our TV appearance, we became a staple in automotive manufacturing, with  Land Rover implementing FLAGS Software in 1993, and Bentley Motors coming on board in 1997.

 We continued our legacy in premium automotive manufacturing, with the addition of Aston Martin Lagonda in 2008.

Our work in automotive continued, as Motor Coach Industries became a client in 2016. Two years later, in 2018 we went global, moving into Slovakia with JLR. 

Breaking into industrial heavy equipment

In 2000, we broke into the industrial heavy equipment industry, after signing Komatsu Limited, a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures construction, mining, forestry and military equipment.

Laying down tracks in rail

Five years later in 2005, American national passenger railroad company, Amtrak implemented FLAGS Software, allowing us to make tracks in the rail industry. 

Making waves in marine

In 2015, we continued to take the US by storm and got our anchors in the marine industry, following our work with Malibu Boats. Four years later in 2019, a UK-based luxury yacht manufacturer joined the ranks. 

Partnering with the very best 

As well as having an impressive client roster, we’ve also partnered with some industry-leading associations and services, including The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and Interax Group. 

We’re also passionate about supporting the younger generation and believe in the power of academia to shape the future of our industry. We’ve partnered with the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering (AME) for research and collaboration on projects that drive forward innovation in manufacturing.

We’ve also partnered with Coventry University, which led to working on OX Truck and Project CLEAN (Clean Logistics for Emerging African Nations). Coventry University has worked with FLAGS Software to develop digital twin technology, which helps further develop technology to make OX Delivers’ trucks even more accessible and reliable, potentially transforming the lives of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. You can find out more about our work with Project CLEAN and OX here.

We’re award-winning

Along with our portfolio and partners, we also won the 2021 Digital Engineering/Technology Award at The Insider’s Made In The Midlands Awards. The competition was tough, as we were up against five other digital/technology organisations. However, we were described as ‘improving productivity for its leading automotive clients’, and being a ‘business which is literally waving the flag for ultra-efficient, digitally-led smart factories’. 

So, there you have it – the FLAGS Software story so far. We can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. 

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